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Shelter Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do we need shelters in Tillamook?

On any given night in Tillamook County, there are at least 40 people who are unhoused and unsheltered. These figures are based on our best estimates, but the figure is probably higher. Tillamook County lacks sufficient shelter options for everyone of our friends and neighbors who needs shelter. Shelter provides safety and security for our entire community. People who are experiencing unhoused and are unsheltered are more likely to be the victim of a violent crime than people who are housed or sheltered. Furthermore, it is more likely that someone who is unhoused and unsheltered is more likely to be the victim of a violent time than the perpetrator of a crime. In other words, someone who is unhoused and unsheltered is one of the most vulnerable members of our community, and providing shelter is one of the best ways to increase the safety and security of our community. Shelter is also one of our basic needs. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs lists physiological needs, like shelter, as the foundational needs that must be met before higher needs, like self-actualization, can be achieved. When someone is struggling for survival, including struggling to find shelter, they simply do not have the energy to devote to improving their health, sustaining employment, building healthy relationships, or overcoming addiction. Shelter is a prerequisite for achieving these higher level needs.

2. What is CARE working on?

3. What is housing first and why is it being used?

4. What is emergency shelter?

5. What is interim shelter?

6. Why not have sober housing only?

7. Will residents have on-site management?

8. What are peers?

9. What support services will be provided to clients?

10. When will the shelters open?


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