Housing Assistance

CARE has a variety of housing assistance programs serving Tillamook County, providing support for people who are homeless or who are struggling to pay their rent and remain housed.  A meeting with one of our Housing Case Managers is required to get on the list for our housing programs.  Resources are limited so there is never a guarantee of support.  Walk-in appointments are available daily from 9am to 4pm.

Current Rental Assistance Programs in Tillamook County

Eviction Prevention Program uses a variety of funding sources to help people who are at risk of being evicted from their current housing situation.  The program generally pays for a portion of the rent that is owed.  An eviction notice is required to access these funds.

One Time Rental Assistance is a program that generally pays for a portion of one month rent or a portion of move in costs for a new rental.  This program is intended for people who have experienced an unusual event in their life that makes paying their rent difficult for the coming month or who are moving into a new rental.  Applications are available on the first of the month for the next month (ie applications are available on July 1 for August rent).

Supportive Services for Veteran Families is a short-term rental assistance program for veterans and their families who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of being evicted.  The program can pay for up to 6 months of rent as well as move in costs for qualifying veterans.

HOME TBA is a short-term rental assistance program through the Northwest Oregon Housing Authority for which CARE maintains the waitlist and provides the case management.  Funds typically pay for 6-12 months of rent.  This program is first come first served with a qualification of financial need.  When the waitlist is opened it will be posted in the local newspapers.

CoC Rapid Re-Housing is a short-term rental assistance program for people who are currently experiencing homelessness.  Assistance may be for 1 to 24 months and can include move-in costs.  CARE can help 3 households at any given time.

CoC Permanent Supportive Housing is a long-term supportive housing program for those with disabilities who are chronically homeless.  Assistance is long-term.  CARE can help 5 households at any given time.

Together We House is a program in partnership with Tillamook Family Counseling that provides long-term rental assistance to people with mental illness who are experiencing homelessness.  This program can serve up to 8 households at any one time.


CARE is the access point for Coordinated Entry into the homeless system for Tillamook County

Coordinated Entry (CE) is a system that allows for coordinated entry into a local homeless services system, as well as coordinated movement within and ultimately exit from the system. Coordinated Entry increases the efficiency of a homeless assistance system by standardizing access to homeless services and coordinating program referrals.  

The Rural Oregon Continuum of Care (ROCC) is committed to sustaining a CE system that will help to advance our goals of helping households quickly access appropriate services to address housing crises, increasing exits to housing, decreasing length of time homeless, and reducing returns to homelessness.