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Emergency Services

CARE provides financial assistance to qualified individuals with emergency needs, as funds are available.  Some of the kinds of emergency assistance CARE offers to help Tillamook County residents are listed below.

One-time Rental Assistance

Rental Assistance funds are designed to meet a one-time need for rental assistance due to a crisis or unforeseen circumstance in households that are otherwise sustainable and able to pay rent on an ongoing basis.  Funds may also be available for move in costs.


Homeless Services

Case Management, transitional housing, Permanent Supportive Housing, Veteran's Housing Services.



We assist with the "must pay" amount, up to 75%, for essential utilities like electricity and water, in order to keep a service connected.

LIHEAP  Low Income Energy Assistance Program


Gas Vouchers and Bus Tokens  

Limited funds are available for gas vouchers or bus tokens for trips to medical appointments (distance limits apply).  We must be able to contact the provider to verify the appointment.



Assistance is available to help cover some of the cost of prescriptions.



Limited funds are available for short-term sheltering for homeless individuals. CARE also operates a warming center during extreme weather conditions from November through April.


Car Seats  

Low-cost car seats are available on a case-by-case basis subject to need and availability.


Personal Items

Through partnerships in the community CARE is able to provide, shower vouchers and personal care items.


Other Needs

CARE strives to help in any way possible.  We are always willing to consider any request from clients that are truly essential and emergent.

Let's Work Together

If you or someone you know needs assistance, please call us at 503-842-5261

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