RFQ for Strategic Planning for CARE


Tillamook County Community Action Resource Enterprises, Inc. (CARE) is seeking an experienced strategic planning consulting firm to design and facilitate a participatory planning process that will create a three to five-year strategic plan for the organization. 

About CARE

Mission:  CARE, Inc. is a locally controlled non-profit corporation dedicated to community development through the mobilization of resources to meet the needs for housing, emergency and other social services for the low and moderate income citizens of Tillamook County. 

CARE was started in 1991 when a board that had been serving as a local advisory board for a regional Community Action Program, incorporated as CARE, and took over the operation of existing emergency assistance and emergency shelter programs.  Since 1991, CARE has continued the original purpose of the local advisory board, serving homeless and low to moderate income people’s needs for housing, community development, community self-help, and emergency and other social services.  CARE is the only non-profit providing for all of these needs throughout rural Tillamook County.

Specifically, CARE provides emergency shelter and financial assistance to homeless and low-income individuals and families, and veterans; home visitation for first births; economic development projects; and senior assisted living facilities.

CARE’s operations are divided into two divisions, the Social Services Division and the Assisted Living Division.  Both divisions are overseen by the same Executive Director, and both serve low to moderate income populations.  The operations of the two divisions, however, are currently only minimally integrated.

Planning Needs

The last time CARE did a deep dive into our mission was in 2009.  Since that time both the organization and our community have experienced significant changes.  We believe it would be beneficial to take a broad look at the mission, vision and values of the organization to set a strong foundation for establishing a new strategic plan.  We see this including community statistics, services offered, service gaps, and reviewing all through a lens of diversity, equity and inclusion.          

We are currently working from a strategic planning document that we developed in 2015 that focuses on CARE’s goals and activities over a 3-year period. Central to that plan was the decision to conduct a capital campaign to purchase the building we were leasing at that time.  We have since completed the campaign and purchased the building.  With that project completed and new skills gained through the project, the board and staff are eager to develop a strategic plan that reviews the community needs, builds on what we have learned from our last process and guides our operations for the next three to five years.

Over the past year a number of listening projects and planning processes have been completed by other community partners that has provided some good locally collected data we can utilize.  We seek a process that will include the community and client voices, our organization’s staff, board and key stakeholders, and that will create a map for the next stage of our organization’s journey.  We want to create goals along with an implementation plan that includes operational and financial plans to achieve those goals.

Consultant Qualifications

We are looking for a consulting firm or team of consultants with the skills to design and facilitate a participatory planning process.  The consultant will be working with our board, staff, and community stake holders.

Qualifications will include experience in:

·         working with social service nonprofits

·         rural areas with small to medium nonprofits

·         analyzing data sets

·         diversity, equity and inclusion

·         integrating diverse programs or agency mergers

Response requested

If you are interested in being considered for this work, please submit:

·         a brief (1-2 page) statement of your qualifications

·         an outline of your approach to the project with a desired start date of June 1, 2019

·         examples of similar projects

·         references

 Please submit the above items in electronic format to eskaar@careinc.org no later than April 5th.

We will review responses in early April and schedule interviews for late April with the goal of selecting a consultant by mid-May. 

Please reach out to Erin Skaar, Executive Director with any questions.  She can reached at 503-842-5261 x4830 or eskaar@careinc.org.