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Community Service

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Emergency Services

  • $500 covers a security deposit for a renter

  • $250 pays for a PUD utility deposit for a new renter

  • $100 buys a tent, tarp, and sleeping bag for a homeless person

  • $70 shelters a couple in a motel for one night

  • $30 buys a bus pass for a senior citizen who can no longer drive


Healthy Families

  • $500 buys 14 boxes of diapers, each containing 216 diapers

  • $300 gets 15 front packs

  • $150 pays for 10 baby gates

  • $70 buys a stroller

  • $30 pays for a co-sleeper




Due to COVID restrictions, CARE is not able to offer volunteer services at this time.  However, we will in the future!  If you are interested in volunteering with CARE please call us at 503-842-5261

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