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CARE - Doing the Right Thing in Tillamook County
CARE - Community Action Resource Enterprises, Inc.   Community Action Resource Enterprises (CARE) is Tillamook County's homegrown, locally controlled, non-profit social service agency. Created in 1991 to help end hunger and ease the effects of poverty in Tillamook County, CARE has grown in direct proportion to the need in our community. We now provide a wide array of services for people in crisis and others who struggle to make ends meet.

Whether you need help or want to give help to your neighbors in need, CARE has much to offer.

CARE's programs include emergency assistance, homeless services, support for first-time parents,  assisted living facilities and community development projects.

Volunteer opportunities and donor options abound at CARE. We could not keep our doors open without healthy portions of each. CARE is also indebted to its many community partners in government, business, other non-profits, the faith community and individuals.

View the Tillamook County Housing Study!

  Emilie Sisco - Secretary
Jim Murray - Treasurer
Jill Sumerlin
Lisa Phipps - Board Chair
Anita Johanson
Paul Dinan - Vice Chair
Frank Hanna-Williams
Tom Jayred
Bob Favret
United Way CARE, Inc. is a United Way Member Agency

Acceptance and participation in CARE programs is the same for everyone, without regard to their race, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

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